December 15, 2009

Something For Nothing: Laziness

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Something For Nothing: Laziness

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Something For Nothing: Ambition

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Something For Nothing: Ambition

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Three Principles for Great Success

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Three Principles for Great Success

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Everyone is Important

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Everyone is Important

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The Two R

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The Two R’s of Top Leaders

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The Three Primary Virtues

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The Three Primary Virtues

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The Ten Keys to Business Success

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The Ten Keys to Business Success

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The Secret to Becoming a Leader

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The Secret to Becoming a Leader

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December 1, 2009

Lahore Lahore Aaayyyeee

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Lahore is cultural, intellectual and artistic center of the nation. Its faded elegance, busy streets and bazaars, and wide variety of Islamic and British architecture make it a city full of atmosphere, contrast and surprise.
The warm and receptive people of Lahore are known for their traditional hospitality. This is a city of vivid differences, of haunting nuances; where bustling bazaars, frenetic streets, glorious fading elegance, British Architecture and echoing atmosphere of city’s many mosques merge together into a history that is both dramatic and fascinating.
Lahore is country’s undisputed centre of Cultural life. When somebody is asked to define the particular charm of their city , Lahoris are apt to shrug and respond with a laconic , ‘Lahore is Lahore’.
Being the center of cultural and literary activities it may rightly be called the cultural capital of Pakistan.

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